True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is by far one of my favorite places to eat! I first discovered it years ago when it opened at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I was fascinated by the fact that Dr. Andrew Weil founded it based on the idea that “food should make you feel better, not worse”! The whole concept of this restaurant is based on an anti-inflammatory diet. Preparing food is a science in itself. True Food Kitchen has truly mastered that.  As you all must have heard Oprah Winfrey also has invested in True Food Kitchen.  As for the restaurant at Fashion Island, the colors of the restaurant are green and yellow that is very pleasing to the eye as well as the lighting of the restaurant. The patio for spring/ summer days and nights especially is enjoyable. They even have an area with a fire pit you can grab a cocktail and hang out. You can host small parties in their wine room or their designated patio area.

True Food Kitchen Menu:

Another unique concept is the fact that they change their menu with every season. They obviously keep their staple items and recipes, but add seasonal fruits and vegetable ingredients to their menu as well as new items every season. The produce is fresh. Some of the staple products they use is butternut squash which is a vitamin A powerhouse, this is usually on their fall menu and they try to add it to salads, main entrees and its always a hit!

Ginger is another staple used at True Food Kitchen and a mainstay in the anti-inflammatory diet. It helps with digestion and can even help reduce pain.

Figs are another excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial immune booster that is used in their foods which I love and highly recommend.

True Food Kitchen Favorites:

My favorites that I generally order are the following:

Let’s start with appetizers! I love the kale guacamole! That citrusy flavor melts in your mouth! It’s a great fresh start. I love to pair this with my favorite drink the honey lemonade. A trick is I ask them to add cucumber juice to this and it is truly the most refreshing drink! I can go for seconds on that one!

As for salads my favorite is by far the chopped salad. As you can see the trend I love dates in my salads, this mixture of dates, jicama, apple and Marcona almonds are a very creative pairing. It’s a fresh salad for your soul!

Pizza! You would think an anti-inflammatory diet doesn’t have pizza, but yes it does. The pizzas at true foods are so good! My favorite is the Margherita. I have them add mushrooms and my favorite veggies and it’s a great main dish and even for sharing. The cheese is very light. You won’t feel bloated afterwards, I promise!

Now to my favorite of all time…Poke bowl! It is to die for!  So fresh with albacore, avocado and cucumber! Makes me wonder why I am not at TFK right know and writing this article instead. This dish is flavorful and gingery! The quinoa rice gives you the carbs you need with this poke bowl. However if you want to bypass that you can ask them to double up on the cucumber and it is a great low carb, keto friendly option.

Dining out with my husband, he is always craving red meat and satisfying dishes so initially he was skeptical of True Food Kitchen experience until he tried their burger! He loved it! The grass-fed meat and combination with the cheese really made his day! He has also loved the steak tacos with the coconut lime yogurt sauce.

What is a meal without dessert right! Us, butternut cheat sisters love dessert! Especially Yasamin! She can have dessert before or in replacement of a meal. She usually decides on dessert before meal options. When we go out on our sisterly dates we always get the chia seed pudding!  I can literally eat this for days!  It is so delicious, the crunch of the toasted coconut and the rich mixture of banana really make this silky dessert a delicacy. Don’t forget to get one to go for the following day breakfast!

Please go check out True Food Kitchen Newport Beach and enjoy this culinary experience!

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