Pregnancy Gingivitis

Are you pregnant and experiencing sore gums? Pregnancy and bleeding gums also known as pregnancy gingivitis are most common in pregnant and nursing mothers. Let me take a step back and explain to you the definition of pregnancy gingivitis.

What Is Pregnancy Gingivitis :

Swollen, red, sensitive, bleeding gums when brushing or flossing are known to be signs of pregnancy gingivitis. Inflammation of the gums begin during the first stages of pregnancy and throughout. This gum disease is due to many hormonal changes.

Most Common Asked Questions By My Patients Are:

  1. Is bleeding gums normal in pregnant women? yes, one of the most common signs of pregnancy gingivitis.
  2. Can pregnancy gingivitis be harmful to my baby? unlikely, However keeping good oral hygiene during pregnancy is very important. If experiencing severe gingivitis please refer to your medical doctor for further information.
  3. Can we get dental cleanings during pregnancy? Yes, and it is highly recommended to get two cleanings during your pregnancy time after your first trimester.
  4. Is it normal to feel more general sensitivity? Yes, due to inflammation of the gums you will feel more sensitivity. However if experiencing pain or discomfort call your dental office to schedule a limited exam with your dentist.
  5. Can x-rays be taken during pregnancy? We do not recommend taking x-rays until after the baby is born. However in case of an emergency, x-rays may be taken to diagnose the problem.

Oral Hygiene Care Instructions During Pregnancy:

Here are some dental guidelines for pregnant patients

  • Floss everyday before you brush
  • Brush your teeth using light pressure at least twice a day ( morning and night)
  • Use a waterpik to help flush out loose bacteria
  • Use an alcohol free/Fluoride free mouthwash once a day
  • If recommended by your dental hygienist, use a rubber tip to help reduce plaque, and stimulate the gums.
  • Get two professional dental cleanings by your dental hygienist after the first trimester
  • See your dentist for a visual check-up
  • If experiencing dry mouth use a oral gel moisturizer recommended by your dental hygienist

Proper Food Choices During Pregnancy:

A well balanced diet during pregnancy is very important to the development of the fetus. Did you know that your babies teeth develop during your pregnancy, and while in utero. They begin developing six weeks into your pregnancy, and further develop during the fourth to sixth month of pregnancy. So when your baby is born they have already developed their teeth that will later become visible as they age.

    • Vitamin C, A, and D
    • Protein
    • Calcium
    • Phosphorous
    • Varieties of Fruits and veggies daily
    • Lean proteins such as skinless poultry, fish , and lean beef
    • Strengthen your toddlers teeth early on during you pregnancy by keep a good diet that includes all of the above






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