Things To Do In Paris

Je t’aime Paris. You are truly my favorite city. Your culture, your food, your fashion, your passion and the list goes on always takes my breath away. No matter where in Europe I visit you will always be one my favorite. You are the city of romance and love. You are modern and traditional both at the same time. You are in one word lovely. Truly lovely! I have only seen you twice, but I would go back anytime to see you again if I could. Paris you are unique in every way!

Although I have only been there twice I have yet to see so many of its hidden gems, local restaurants, museums, and shopping experiences. In the article you will read of the places I have been to and that I recommend when you are in Paris.


These are my favorite spots to visit when I am there….I will start with more tourist places and then add some of my local’s recommendations….

Eiffel Tower– Obviously the Eiffel Tower is Iconic, but the lines are always so long. I would recommend a picnic on the grass in front or back of it with the Eiffel Tower view! Especially in Spring/Summer when the cherry blossoms are out and the weather is gorgeous enjoy some wine and French cheese with a view!

The Eiffel tower in Paris


The gorgeous Jardin Du Luxembourgis :located in the 6th arrondissement, and is where the locals go for a run. The park was created in 1612 and has since evolved to become the beautiful space it is today. Such a beautiful place to relax in. Although I visited there in the winter, it still took my breath away. If you are craving a coffee or hot chocolate there is a place called Angelinas 

Champs- Elysee– This avenue is filled with stores, restaurants, theatre cafes and luxury boutiques. It is a central landmark of Paris. You will definitely spend a lot of time on your trip. At the western end of this avenue is the Arc De Triomph. The last time I was there was during the holidays. the lights were amazing on the streets of Paris.

Arc De Triomph– This beautiful monument stands at the end of Champs-Elysee in honor of  those who fought and died for France in the French wars with the names of all French victories and generals inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces.

Montmarte– A very beautiful area, you can walk the streets and go to any bread bakeries and enjoy a baguette. There is a wall in Montmarte that says “I love you in every language possible. Check it out!

Sacre Coeur-The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. This is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Paris, France. Gorgeous view from this church of Paris.  A must see!


Rue Cler:  The Most Famous Market Street In Paris-The 7th arrondissement is home to rue Cler, one of the best market streets in Paris. You will find a wonderful selection of specialty food stores, pastry shops, butchers, delicatessens, cheese specialists, fishmongers, greengrocers, chocolate shops and cafés.



Louvre Museum-The world’s largest art museum and an iconic monument in Paris. It is a central landmark located on the Seine. It is an understatement to say that you need a full day or days to see this magnificent museum full of culture and arts. Highly recommended and a must see.

Musee d’Orsay –This underrated museum is a must see of classic art. I was recommended by my cousin to check it out on my last trip there and absolutely loved it! It has French art dating 1848 to 1914. This museum is located on the left side of the Seine and encompasses paintings, sculptures, photography and more.


Le Relais de l’Entecote for steak and fries! It’s so good! The steak is cooked to perfection and the fries are crispy and delicious. Of course served with French red wine to complete this rich and Parisian meal!

Gerard Mulot- a fabulous bakery with the most amazing pastries and croissants.

Du Pain et Des Idees-  Delicious pastries both savory and sweet tucked in a beautiful street in Paris. My husband and I grabbed a few of their popular ones and had some with coffee as we walked the streets of Paris. I could have eaten there every morning!

Restaurant Teheran in Paris – Amazing Iranian restaurant recommended by one of my best friends. This place had very good kabobs and chicken dishes as well as authentic Iranian stews. The “kabob torsh” was our favorite. Beef marinated in a pomegranate base sauce makes you want to lick your plate!

Au Petite Grec- for an amazing Creperie in Paris…this is the place to go! They have both savory and sweet collection that you will literally want to get a few to try! It is so good! I personally ordered the Nutella with banana and was very impressed. A must try if you’re in town.

Angelina Paris- Famous Tea House In Paris –A must visit for tea time and pastries or a good hot chocolate

La Grande Epicerie de Paris- Must visit super market


Paris is truly a gem. A must see city. A bucket list fulfillment. I can go on with places to see, eat and shop for days! I hope you enjoyed my brief journey through magical Paris. Please share your favorite places to see and eat with us!






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