Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum Review

The Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum is truly one of my favorite products that I’ve used in my skincare routine. This serum will not only rejuvenate your dry skin, but it will the active hydration serum results in glowing skin. Think about it as if you’re thirsty and you drink water to hydrate yourself. The hydration serum does the same thing, but to your skin.

Active Hydration Serum: My Experience

Throughout the years, I have some of the best skin hydration products, but had never found one that I loved enough to stay loyal to. I tried everything from a hydrating face mask to skin care cream and moisturizers that would help my skin glow and balance the equilibrium of my troubled skin.
I read a lot of the active hydration serum reviews before I decided to purchase it. After just one use of the serum, I found that many of my dry skin symptoms were alleviated. This impressive effect was only confirmed by the people around me who were giving me compliments throughout the day of how fresh and dewy my skin looked.
I’ve continued to reap the benefits of using the Rodan and Fields active hydration serum, which is why I’ve incorporated into my regular skincare routine.

Active Hydration Serum Price

The active hydration serum can be purchased at two different price points. One is to purchase the serum at retail price and the other is to purchase it with special pricing as a preferred customer.
Being a preferred customer has many benefits and the biggest one is getting the active hydration serum price at a discounted cost. If you buy the serum on its own, its $112.00, however, I have many friends and family that choose to buy the serum as a preferred customer, like I do.

Active Hydration serum + Regimen

The active hydration serum can be combined with the Rodan and Fields skincare regimens in order to enhance your results. The active hydration serum before and after results when combined with the regimens are truly amazing and life changing.
When your skin is dehydrated, it acts and looks like older skin, meaning dry, sensitive, and wrinkled skin. Using the active hydration serum and pairing it with a skincare regimen can help you revive your dull skin and resolve many of your skin concerns as well.

Active Hydration Serum Main Ingredients

The active hydration serum has a patent Pending formula that includes these two main ingredients.

  • Glycerin
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Together, both ingredients add immense hydration to your skin, beyond what many standard moisturizers do.

Active Hydration Serum Benefits

  • Locks in Hydration
  • increases skin moisture by 200%
  • up to 8 hours of hydration
  • reaching optimal hydration level for your skin
  • smooth and glowing skin
  • radiant skin
  • Offers long term visible improvements seen with consistent use

How to use Active Hydration Serum :

To achieve an effective application of the active hydration serum, you only need a drop of the serum to cover your entire face. The active hydration serum can also be used on your hands, neck, or chest if you want.
You may notice some stickiness at first when applying the serum, but once it dries, the stickiness will go away. I personally use the active hydration serum underneath my tinted moisturizer (which is the Rodan and Fields Radiant Defense). Together, my skin looks fresh and radiant all day long.

So what are you guys waiting for? Be the first to try out the active hydration serum, and when you fall in love with it, do not forget to brag about it! If you have any questions about using any of these products, please feel free to Contact me.

Products available in the Unites states, Canada, and Australia.

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