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Long Haul Flights Tips And Tricks

It's summer and everyone loves to travel in the summer! If you have a long flight coming up you know it can't be easy and sometimes time differences can be hard to adjust to. Here are a few tips to help you with your travels! Happy Summer! Bring your own snacks Its always a great idea to pack your own snacks for…

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Things To Do In Paris

Je t'aime Paris. You are truly my favorite city. Your culture, your food, your fashion, your passion and the list goes on always takes my breath away. No matter where in Europe I visit you will always be one my favorite. You are the city of romance and love. You are modern and traditional both at the same time. You…

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6 Baby Travel Must Haves

I recently travelled with my 7 month old baby girl. Traveling with a child is definitely an experience, of course fun, but has its challenges. It is always good to be prepared and have some items with you to make the travel more fun and hassle free. These are a few items I found useful on the trip. Oxo On…

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Christmas Markets In Europe

Two things in life excite me when it comes to planning. The first one is my favorite holiday, Christmas and the second, is traveling somewhere new every year. My new years resolution every year is to travel to one place I have never been. Whether this trip is domestic or international it doesn’t matter, but it allows me to experience…

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Spain Adventures Part 2

The Beautiful City Of Valencia Did you know that Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. We didn't spend much time in Valencia, but the one night we did was quite eventful. Our tour of thirty lost in the metro and city streets in the midst of Valencias annual Falles festival was priceless. The Valencia Falles festival takes…

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A Journey In The Hills Of Montserrat

    The Trip To Spain Began March Of 2014 : This is an overview of my 10 day journey exploring the beautiful Spain with my family. From the Barcelona city lights to the magnificence of Alhambra, I can truly say I experienced a taste of Spain. Traveling whether far or near adds to the richness of life. For the past few years…

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