Top Dining in Orange County

When you are a foodie and a blogger that is just a recipe for a lot of dining out! By nature I have always loved to explore new places and new restaurants. Traveling obviously helps that but you can always find amazing places in “your own backyard”.

Some Of My Favorite Restaurants In Orange County:

By far my favorite restaurant group is Hillstone Restaurants Group.They are truly amazing quality, good service and top-rated cuisine. Their menus may only be a page long and their selection limited, but that’s what makes them stand out. Hillstone Restaurant Group is located all over the US.

Truthfully I have made an effort to go to most of the California Hillstone restaurants every time I have traveled across the state. From the elegant Gulfstream in Newport Beach to the cozy Honor Bar in Montecito to the relaxing wine tasting county R+D Kitchen in Yountville the experience is across the board fantastic. Now for the ones that I go to on a regular basis include Houston’s in Irvine, Bandera in Corona Del Mar, and Gulfstream in Newport Beach. Of these three I am going to be honest no matter what I have ordered off the menu it has been great, but I am going to spend some time here giving you some recommendations!

What To Order At Houston’s Restaurant In Irvine:

Lets start with Houston’s restaurants in Irvine. Sushi! They have sushi! Many people go there for the steak or ribs, but the reality is their sushi is so fresh. I would recommend the Nigiri Combo Plate and the ‘New Style’ Tuna Roll. Houston’s appetizer seasonally is the grilled artichoke! It has a zest to it and with the sauce very lemony and flavorful!

What To Order At Bandera Restaurant In Corona Del Mar:

Let’s move on the Bandera which is secretly my favorite! Especially if you are looking for a great date location, this is your place! My husband and I have had numerous date nights here and every time great memories. The dim lighting, a glass of wine and delicious cuisine is the experience you will get. I have also had birthday dinners here with family, but remember maximum party they accept is 6. So keep it intimate and cozy!

They are known for their roast chicken, which I have to say, is hands down a delicacy! (You can even get one to go for the house)

Start your meal with the Iron Skillet Cornbread. It literally melts in your mouth. The jalapeno adds a certain spice to it that really makes it unique. Then I would move on to the salads specifically the Macho Salad. The combination of the chicken, chopped dates and goat cheese really enhances your taste buds. The ribs and the filet are a great main entrée options that you can never go wrong with! I would recommend it with the fresh cucumber salad and for you potato lovers French fries!

What To Order At Gulfstream Restaurant In Newport Beach :

Gulfstream is located in Newport Beach, the ambiance and outside patio is a nice place to grab a drink and relax especially on warm summer nights. If you are shopping at Fashion Island and looking for a lunch or dinner spot this is just a few minutes across the way.

Their heavenly biscuits and truly heavenly! Add some honey and your golden! The seafood here is what they are known for. Plank roasted salmon with the mustard butter is both light and filling. If you love shrimp try their fried shrimp! The crispy shrimp in combination with the coleslaw is a must have! Don’t forget dessert…end your night with my favorite hot fudge sundae!

I can go on for days about the different Hillstone Restaurants. However for now this should cover you for an amazing meal and experience at my top favorite Hillstone Restaurants. Please share your experience with me.


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