My Top Coffee Shops In Orange County

What keeps you motivated during the week?  For me it’s that one coffee date I set up mid week with a friend or a family member. Yes I know we all love Starbucks and are probably there everyday picking up our mobile orders, however once in a while I love to explore and experience a different and unique coffee shop near me. Sometimes i just want to sip on my coffee or take a bite of something sweet to give me the feeling of being somewhere away from reality. So today I am going to share with you my top two cafe’s.

My Top Two Coffee Shops Near By In Orange County :

  • Euro Caffe
  • Moulin
Euro Caffe :

Let me start by saying how impressed I was with Euro caffe on my first visit there. I remember craving a matcha latte and a sweet dessert. I had found this place on yelp and decided as the explorer that I am to give this place a try. I visited the Santa Ana location which is near South Coast Plaza. This caffe is small and cute but make sure to arrive during a non rush hour time cause it can get super busy.

What To know About Euro Caffe :
  • They are known for their famous crepes which are made by hand, to order
  • Their coffee is made by beans from around the world
  • Their goal is to bring you a taste of Europe, and i have to say they truly do
  • They have seasonal special items
  • They were 3 times nominee “Best Coffee” in OC weekly
  • Home of the original Nutella latte
  • They provide full line of catering

Euro Cafe Menu:

Their drink menu includes a variety of lattes, signature expressos, signature lattes, espresso drinks, non-espresso drinks, teas, frappes, and frescos. Their food menu also includes a variety of sweet and savory waffles, crepes, paninis, pizzas, sandwiches, and much more.

You can eat breakfast for dinner if you wanted to at euro caffe. I  remember ordering a matcha latte, big ben waffle, and the crepe gatsby for dinner that night i visited the euro caffe ( side note: how cute are the names of their menu items!) .  I was so impressed with their plate presentation, everything looked freshly done and delicious . Their waffle was freshly made and nicely crips on the outside and soft on the inside. the crepe was soft and tasty made like a real European crepe.

Euro Caffe Locations:
  • Santa ana
  • Irvine
  • Huntington Beach
  • Aliso Viejo ( Opening soon summer 2019)

So if you looking to get a taste of europe without having to fly far far away this is the place you want to visit with your friends and family members.


Moulin :

I remember the first time I walked into Moulin, I literally felt like I was in France. The french waiters, baristas  and hosts were speaking loudly in french and the beautiful accent that circulated the cafe just took me to a different place. It was like being in Europe. If you are looking for a cute coffee shop for a latte and pastries this is your spot! I also highly recommend their brunch/breakfast experience. They have a nice patio area with outdoor seating and also some small tables inside. they have a little bakery if you want to grab something there or to go. the restaurant/cafe is full of amazing goodies! I have so many recommendations and here they are! 

From The Bakery

I especially love their raisin pastry, It is so delicious and moist. Great for morning pastry with coffee, or even an afternoon delight!

The baguettes are amazing! They are a must try! Grab some to go for your sandwiches at home! You can also use it sliced for cheese platter if you have people over. One of the French classics I usually order is the Tartine. It is fresh baguette with butter/jam. Simple it seems, but mouth watering goodness! As you can see J’adore Le Pain ( I love bread)
They have a variety of sandwiches made with these french baguettes as well. I have tried the jambon/cheese one and I must say I finished it till the last bite.
The lattes here and especially nice and aromatic. I always have one with almond milk.
Moulin Locations:
  • Newport Beach
  • Laguna Beach
  • San Clemente
Next time you are in these areas grab a coffee and pastry and take yourself to Europe for a few hours.

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