Trader Joes Product’s

One of my favorite places to shop for groceries and goodies is Trader Joe’s. I can spend a good hour there. I go for one thing and come out with many! These are a few of my top favorite items I usually get from there. Check it out!

My Top Ten Trader Joe’s Items:

  1. Breakfast Trex Mix        

Looking for a on the go breakfast item! This is one of my favorites. You can mix in it with yogurt or even have it by itself. It’s a wonderful mix of nuts/granola and cranberries. I especially love the yogurt chips. Check it out next time you are at Trader Joe’s.

  1. Walnuts

The underestimated nut! Trader Joes carries this awesome and great priced bag of walnuts. I use walnut in my salads, with cheese and apple for breakfast and a variety of different uses you can make of it if you bake, etc.

Health benefits of walnuts
  • Antioxidants
  • Omega 3 Source
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Supports weight control
  1. Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

Looking for a fun seasoning to spice up your life! This is the find fo you! Everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joes is a wonderful addition to your food. I use it on eggs, proteins such as chicken, etc.

  1. Port Salut Cheese

Port Salut is a soft and yummy cheese I always get. You can add it to your cheese board when you have guests over and it goes great with Trader joes Turkish apricots and rice crackers. This is a must try!

  1. Green Goddess Salad Dressing

I’m always on the lookout for a healthy but fun salad dressing. The Green Goddess is made with natural vegetables and spices. The lemon flavor is especially delicious. You can even use this as a dip with your favorite vegetables.

  1. Avocado Tzatziki Dip

I was looking for a fun but healthy dip the other day when I was hosting a few people and I came across this Avocado Tzatziki Dip. It is very delicious. You can have it with vegetables, even with chips if you are feeling adventurous. I noticed that you can add it to burgers, sandwiches in some of the recipes online. The calorie is low, but the taste is awesome! Check it out.

Avocados have many health benefits such as:

-Can lower cholesterol

-good source of fiber

-anti-inflammatory properties

-good potassium source

7. Fig and Olive Crackers

This is a great addition to any cheese platter. It’s also a great snack to pack a small Ziploc for on the go with laughing cow cheese. Its low calorie and very delicious!

Health benefits of figs

  • Great source of fiber
  • Great source of potassium
  • Antioxidant

While we are on the topic of crackers…

8. Savory thin mini Crackers

This is great for a low calorie/low carb diet. Pack 10-12 in a bag and add some cheese to it. I sometimes pack a small bag with my salad to add a little crunch to my life! Gluten free as well!

  1. Fresh Flowers

Trader Joe’s always has the best flowers. They are fresh, gorgeous and inexpensive. There is a variety to choose from whether it’s your classic roses or a beautiful orchid. Seasonal flowers are available as well. I just found out they have Peony Tulip! I can’t wait to go buy this week!

  1. Vouvray Wine

When I was traveling in Chicago, my husband and I ate at a great French restaurant and we discovered vouvray white wine. It is one of our favorites. I recently found a great one at Trader Joes. Its soft, not too sweet, but sweet enough and great with appetizers and/or dinner. Check this one out in the FRANCE aisle when you are at Trader Joe’s.

Also Trader Joe’s has an amazing variety to choose from. They have seasonal items that are awesome! for example during the month of November they come out with the most amazing pumpkin spice based items! seasonal cookies, cake mixes, breakfast goodies, and the list can go on……

Hope you love these items. Please share with us your favorites too!

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