My Beef Stroganoff Recipe With a Kick

One of my favorite dishes to make is Beef Stroganoff. Back in the days as a young adult in school I was always interested in learning how to cook during my free time. I watched my grandmother and mother make this dish for us many times. On the days that i cook at home i make beef stroganoff with the recipe i was taught but with a kick of my own. so let me share with you my version of a creamy beef stroganoff.

How To Make A Traditional Beef Stroganoff With A Kick:

  • Filet mignon of you choice ( I love the Filet Mignon from Gelsons super market)
  • White mushrooms
  • Heavy Cream ( favorite brand Horizon)
  • Pepper
  • McCormick montreal steak seasoning (This is what adds the kick to you dish)
  • Crispy Onions
  • Pasta of choice
  • Garlic
  • Shoestring potatoes chips

Direction On How To Prepare Your Creamy Delicious Beef Stroganoff :

  • Before cooking your beef make sure to have boiling water going for your pasta
  • Season your boiling water for the pasta with salt, and oil
  • Boil your pasta of choice
  • Make sure to drain your pasta but do not rinse with water
  • set aside your pasta
  • Have a separate pan to cook your mushrooms ( add some oil and cook on medium heat )
  • Once your mushrooms have fully cooked ( darkened and soft ), drain the juice of your mushrooms
  • Cut your filet mignon into small thin pieces ( i use scissors for this )
  • Season your steak lightly with Garlic powder
  • Put a good amount of oil in your pan and toss in your filet mignon with a handful of crispy onions and cook on high heat
  • once the outside of your meat has slightly darkened season your steak with McCormick steak seasoning and pepper.
  • Let your beef cook to your desire (medium or well done)
  • Once your beef has cooked, add the mushrooms to the mix on low heat
  • Add enough heavy cream to achieve a nice creamy beed stroganoff on low heat
  • Add the pasta to a bowl
  • Poor your stroganoff mix on top
  • Add crispy onions to the top of your beef stroganoff
  • Lastly top with shoestrings potato chips

Now you got yourself a delicious bowl of creamy Beef Stroganoff with pasta. Enjoy this recipe with friends and family and if any questions do not hesitate to contact me



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