How To Treat Acne In Teen’s And Young Adults

Have you ever been that teenager that was ashamed to walk around in public because of the acne you had on your face? Did you ever experience low self-esteem because of how acne made you look and feel? do you have kids that are experiencing what you experienced as a teenager with acne?

85% of teenagers and young adults suffer from experiencing acne. I use to be one of those teenagers, and let me tell you its not a good feeling. Acne can emotionally affect many teenagers and young adults out there. let me introduce you to these amazing doctors that made being a confident teenager possible.

Meet The Acne Experts

Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields are Standford trained Dermatologist that have dedicated decades to helping so many teenagers, young adults, and adults break the cycle of acne with their Best acne treatment products. Let me remind you that Rodan+Fields are still practicing dermatologists. Today i want to focus on teenage, and young adult acne treatment that works.

What Is Acne ?

Acne is when dead cells come to fill and block your pores. when your pores are clogged, the oxygen cannot get through, so guess what happens? bacteria reproduces, and therefore increase level of bacteria on your skin.

Acne occurs due to hormones, genetics, and stress no matter when or what age. Most people think that acne just pops up overnight, However that is not the case. Acne cycle starts way before that, so when it reaches the skin it is technically the last step of the cycle.

Whats the difference between Teen Acne and adult acne:

Teen acne usually shows up in the T- ZONE meaning forehead and cheeks. The acne usually appears in the form of round inflamed pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads. Teen acne is  mostly due to hormonal changes which then leads to excess oil. That is why if you take a closer look to most teenagers you will see how their foreheads are much more oily in comparison to adults. In order to understand why Rodan+Fields Teen and young adults acne treatment called spotless is the best, You should understand that teen skin is different then adult skin. Teen, and young adults tend to have more resilient skin, and therefore they have a faster cell turnover. I couldn’t be more excited to share with you that Rodan+Fields have recently launched the best teen acne treatment regimen that is tailored to their skin type.

Teen Acne

Teen Acne Treatment That Works

Rodan+Fields teen Acne treatment spotless is a multi-med therapy regimen. Meaning that the regimen is built to approach acne with the right ingredients, formulation. and  in a appropriate order.

What makes Spotless different then any other product out there?

Spotless breakthrough patent pending  formulation include the following ingredients :

BPO2 which is Benzoyl peroxide which most of you are familiar with, but also oxygen. The combination of these two ingredients help kill bacteria with minimal irritation, and also preventing new blemishes.
Why choose spotless for you Teen acne Treatment
the only product out there with the BPO2 formulation
strong formulation that is targeted to treat teen acne Ages 10-24
quick, easy, and perfect for our teens and young adults

What steps are required for treating acne with spotless:

  • 2 step process  ( cleanser / toner)
  • 2 minutes required
  • twice a day
  • A booklet with specific instruction on when to use and how often to use it will be included in your spotless acne treatment package.
  • The acne treatment kit should last your approximetley 2 months

Looking for a teenage acne treatment that works? Here is an amazing  Rodan+Fields acne treatment before and after photo ( Spotless).



Pricing for the Acne Treatment ( Spotless regimen )

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Retail price you would be buying full price
Be the first to get your hands on the most unique and best teen acne treatment out there. only spotless has BPO2 to help treat your acne starting day 1.If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on my website

Products available in the Unites states, Canada, and Australia.

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