How To Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is one of the basic but most important steps in our oral hygiene routine. When you wake up in the morning make it your priority to brush your teeth. My recommendation to all my patients has been, hop in that bathroom when you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth before you forget, and begin your long busy day.

Most frequently asked question by my patients is. I’m brushing my teeth, but why do I get excessive plaque buildup on the surfaces?

I have to say a lot of factors play a role in the plaque buildup on the surface of your teeth, however take a step back and review the basics of teeth brushing first. Take a moment and ask yourself:

• Am I spending enough time brushing my teeth?
• When was the last time I switched out my toothbrush?
• Am I brushing my teeth properly?
• Should I be using the manual toothbrush or the Oral B electrical toothrbush / Philips sonicare toothbrush?
• What technique of brushing is best for my teeth?

Sometimes it’s as simple as not brushing your teeth properly or not brushing your teeth long enough that leads to more plaque buildup then expected.

How to get better at brushing your teeth:

• Before I begin discussing technique on how to properly brush your teeth lets first pick out the appropriate toothbrush.
• First determine if you will be using a manual soft bristle toothbrush or an electrical toothbrush?
• Everyone is different so always best to see what toothbrush, whether electrical or manual is best for you.
• If you have receded gums I always recommended extra soft bristle toothbrush, Or alternating between your extra soft bristle manual toothbrush in the morning and electrical toothbrush at night.
• Once you have determined make sure to always use an extra soft or soft bristle head brush.

Recommendations for a manual toothbrush:

Gum Brand soft bristle toothbrush
Nimbus extra soft bristle toothbrush


Some of the sonicare electrical toothbrush head examples

Proper Brushing technique for kids:

• Kids are best to brush in the presence of their parents, because its important for parents to monitor and make sure they brush all areas (meaning facial aspect/ occlusal aspect/ and lingual aspect) of the teeth)
• Play their favorite music and make brushing time fun for the kids
• If using a manual soft bristle toothbrush, wet the bristle with room temperature water first, then use a pea size amount of toothpaste on a kid size toothbrush. Aims the brush bristles towards the gum lines (not on the gums), and slowly begin to brush using circular motion.
• Note: circular motion
• Brush for at least 2-3 min
• For kids its best to get them an electrical

How to brush your teeth with an electrical toothbrush (kids):

• Requires less brushing time compared to using a manual.
• Electrical 2 min time
• The electrical does the movement for them so they wouldn’t have to move the toothbrush in circular motion.
• Just hold it to where the bristles are at the gum line.
• Philips sonicare electrical toothbrush for kids comes with an application for your phone or ipad that helps direct the kids to proper brushing with the right amount of time in a fun way.



How to brush your teeth properly step by step for adults:

• Wet your toothbrush bristles with room temperature or warm water
• Apply a small strip of toothpaste
• Aim the brush in a 45 degree angle to where your at the gum line but not on the gums
• Make sure to have mouth slightly open where both arches are separated
• Using the manual toothbrush you want to aim for 3-4 minutes of brushing
• Slow, light handed, circular motion covering all surface areas.
• For patients that have gum recession you want to brush your teeth properly by using the roll technique before using circular motion technique.
• Roll technique is when you direct the bristles to the rooted tooth area. Place the bristles towards the gum lines and sweep down towards the crown with one stroke (the purpose of this is to move all plaque and bacteria away from the gum line and towards, and off the crown).
• If you’re using an electrical toothbrush brushing time will be reduced to 2 minutes. Do not move the brush around, because it is doing the movement for you. Remember to hold the toothbrush bristles under warm water before you begin brushing. Also remember to use a light soft fist rather than a heavy aggressive fist.
• Your goal is to apply the least pressure possible when brushing in order to prevent any trauma, enamel wear.

If any further questions feel free to contact me ☺ remember my goal is to help others.


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