Easy Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

Did you know decorating your house can psychologically make you feel happy and joyful? YUP

Every year i think to myself …how can i make this years party different. Here are some easy festive ideas

Wreath Decorating Christmas party :

  • Provide everyone with a small or medium size Wreath
  • Red bows
  • Candy Canes
  • Ornaments
  • Also have your guests come with their desired decoration ideas

Brunch Christmas Party:

  • Invite your family and friend for a festive brunch full of delicious appetizers
  • You can even make this event a potluck
  • Play classic christmas movies all day while you mingle and eat

Cookie Decorating Christmas Party:

  • Prep The sugar cookie mix  or buy the dough from the markets
  • Provide christmas cookie cutters
  • Frosting of choice
  • Sprinkles and icing 
  • Enjoy a girls night in decorating cookies and eating them too

Ornament Crafting Christmas Party:

  • Craft stores will have many different festive tools for this
  • Want to make it easier? amazon has the kit all ready for you for a reasonable price

Hot chocolate Party :

  • Set up a hot chocolate bar and let your friends and family GO crazy! You can include toppings like cinnamon sticks, ground nutmeg, chocolate chips, whipped cream, candy cane sprinkles, and much more. Let the Hot cocoa brew in a slow cooker; it’ll stay warm all afternoon and be ready to enjoy at all day long.


Fondue Party:

What better way to warm up and have fun than with a pot of fondue. love this idea for a Christmas party theme! Enjoy a glass of wine with this. ( maybe have your friends bring their favorite bottle of wine to the party )

Christmas Decorating Party :

  • Invite friends to join you in the fun of decorating your place for christmas
  • Set out popcorn, cranberries, and threads
  • Do an Ornament Exchange ( Where everyone comes with an ornament and exchanges happen between each other for fun and memories)

Ugly Sweater Party :

  • Have your guests wear their ugliest christmas sweater
  • Have a voting station
  • Potluck finger foods
  • Play the Famous White elephant game ( always a fun way to get the party going )

Holiday Bake off party :

  • Have everyone bake their signature cookie recipe
  • If they do not like to bake….. no pressure…. they can bring baked goods from their favorite bakery store
  • Have a voting station
  • Let the best Sweet Treat win a prize


Gingerbread House Decorating contest:

  • Set up pre-made gingerbread houses
  • Provide sides and toppings including: variety of Christmas candies , icings, and much more…


Hope you enjoy these ideas and wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!

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