Bye Bye Dark Circles

Tired of looking tired ? lack of sleep? partying too hard? working late nights? If your noticing puffy eyes, and dark circles I have just the right product for you. Doctors Rodan + Fields have you covered with their amazing eye cream called Active hydration bright eye complex. This eye cream will help with your puffy under eyes, and dark circles.

Most Common Reasons of Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles :

  • Lack of sleep
  • Overall stress
  • Stress on the eyes
  • Dehydration
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • High salt diet
  • Aging

The under eye skin is very thin and is always one of the most common places to start showing signs of fatigue.

How To Treat Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles:

How Does The Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex Work :

  1. This light weight eye cream includes a 3D3P Matrix formula of Rodan + Fields which helps the delicate under eye skin reach its optimal hydration level.
  2. This eye cream includes caffeine
  3. Diffuses discoloration

How To Use The Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex :

This eye cream will help reduce puffiness and dark circles of the under eye by :

  • Use the products twice a day morning and night for maximum results
  • Use tear drop size amount
  • Apply on dry clean skin
  • If using Rodan + Fields regimens apply the Active hydration bright eye complex after cleansing and toning your face

Frequently Asked Question’s By Customers :

1- Can i apply the Active hydration bright eye complex under my makeup ?

  • Yes , you can apply this under your makeup
  • The eye cream is a light weight, fast drying formula

2- Is the active hydration bright eye complex oil free ?  YES

3- How long will this products last me?  if used twice a day approximately 60 days

Best Way to Purchase The Bright eye complex eye cream:
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You will notice a more radiant and refreshed look….

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